Monday, September 7, 2015


5:36pm central - published 1.02b.
- Just has the scripture I was missing and the version number and that is all for now.
- Maybe more tonight.
Right now it's leveled out and not growing in numbers the last 10 days or so.
- 73 people have version 2, I will see how many people end up with 3 and 4...
- 96 installs by user.
out of the 73
* 59 in the US, 3 Canada, 1 Ethiopia
* 30 Android 5.0, (41%) 24 android 4.4 (32%)
- 3 is 1.02b


  1. Ugh. Rejected twice in a few minutes, confusingly. I've never had anything rejected before from play store. I guess it's good if they're tightening up... a little? I didn't understand what happened though, i guess because of repetitive keywords - which I previously read *WAS* a good idea.

  2. appears to not be rejected now, listing comes up OK. so i guess i learned something... i feel like linking the article with the bad advice and put "don't do this"